Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, My name is Simbi.
I am a platform (chat-bot) that will help you learn and master any topic so that you can excel in your exams and achieve your dreams.
I will also help you evaluate yourself to be sure you really know the topic you have learnt.

Of course! I am available on all platforms including phones, laptops and tablets. I will soon be available on USSD too.

I can currently teach teenagers at secondary school level.

With me, you can learn and re-learn a concept as many times as you wish without having a remorse feeling of stressing a tutor.
Don't also forget I am available anywhere anytime.

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can learn a topic.
You can keep learning for as long as you need to understand.

Yes absolutely, your learning curve and progress reports are shared with your parents and teacher.

Join the community to get a lot of benefits which includes discount offers, access to valuable information, group learning etc.